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Find. Flow.

Flow is a state of connected consciousness. It is exhilarating and exciting, easy and peaceful, productive and passionate.

It is the key to unlocking creativity, health, wealth, and success.

Flow is not reserved for elite athletes and kung-fu masters. It can be learned and practiced, and when it is,

it changes people and organizations.

What is Flow?

Flow is a state of intense presence in which people feel a sense of certainty, trust, love, confidence, and well-being. The benefits of the flow state are endless and well documented.


When connected to flow, we heal their bodies, reduce anxiety and stress, and are more mindful and present.


Where do ideas come from? When we are relaxed, we can better connect to the source of ideas and let them flow.


Flow helps us take the “I” out of the equation reducing drama and increasing teamwork and communication.


About me

Born in Alaska.

From founding a successful VC firm at 22 to learning meditation from a Buddhist monk in Burma, Noam has taken a winding journey. He is a successful tech blogger and also runs a tech consulting firm.

Find Flow was born from many years of deep practice and learning from many diverse teachers. 

Find Flow is built on the understanding that a good life does not require disconnecting. Peace, joy, love, and flow can be found in the tech office as easily as on the mountain top.

What We Do

Our courses are taught in-person or virtually. They help give people the practices and understanding to bring flow into their work and lives.

Our Workshops
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In-Person Workshop

  • 2-hour, in-person workshop

  • Engaging and interactive workshop

  • Discover what flow feels like 

  • Learn practices in order to maintain that state 


"I found the workshops with Noam to be lifechanging. I learned how to listen to my body, my mind, and my emotions in ways that made me feel alive and powerful and helped me stay connected while reducing stress. I simply feel lighter."

Nate - Accenture Consulting

It was so refreshing to have a mental and mindful break in the middle of a hectic working day. It was very helpful having Noam guide me and I found that I could easily integrate the techniques into my routine. It has greatly benefitted both my professional and personal life.

Batel - WeWork

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  • 4 workshops over 6 weeks. Flexible scheduling. 

  • Meaningful take-home practice to facilitate clarity, calm, improved confidence, and more access to creativity and inspiration.


Flow for 

  • Focused Sessions with management focused on helping leaders understand their minds to access creativity, find peace in the midst of storms, and lead with poise.

  • Learn consciousness techniques to quickly access a state of flow.

"I found the workshop inspiring and the techniques easy to incorporate into both my personal and work life. Finding more flow has helped improve my relationships, feel better, and even make more money. I can't recommend him enough."

Levy - MondoDB

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